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So another day in the life of the trainee hack. The 60/70 shorthand exam came and went like so many fleeting passages about mundane Rutland Times-esque articles. I worked for the Rutland Times for a year and know exactly the sort of stuff they like to print. Hazel Blears when I met her at a […]

Learning more about self-shooting in school today… and editing which wasn’t quite as easy as pointing a camera and pressing “record”. No. Avid has it in for me as do most digital thingamybobs. The only pieces of technology I trust and depend on are my clock radio, my 5 year-old mobile phone, my iBook and […]



Another day in prison today. Unwelcome considering the prison was taking up a fair amount of page-space on the BBC news website and airtime on local and national radio. I can’t speak for television as I haven’t actually watched the television since visiting home over a month ago as I can’t afford a license and […]