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Following the popularity of my A-Z of Journalism written earlier this year, I have decided its about time to give it the appropriate sequel of an A-Z of Unemployment. A – Allowance. Or rather Jobseekers Allowance. The miserable fortnightly routine of queuing up to reel off the usual spiel about the futile job searches and […]

Day 79 of being officially unemployed and I am now utterly convinced that my career will advance no further than this wretched stasis before Christmas. Therefore, taking the notion of advancement on board rather than that of day time television, I am compiling some preemptive New Years Resolutions with regards to my success in the […]

There is something very strange going on with the media at the moment. There is an abundance of reportage of subjects that are either immaterial or surprisingly making the headlines at all. There is also outrageous support from within the industry of the notion of subscribing to news websites irregardless of the reality that a […]

A quote from Nick Clegg’s speech at the Liberal Democrat party conference today. “Can you imagine reaching thousands of pounds in debt only to find that there isn’t a job available at the end of university or college? Imagine sitting at home, no money, nothing to do but  wait for your fortnightly appointment at the […]

I am now into Week 11 of being unemployed. Now there’s a depressing thought. I went back up to Salford on Monday to catch up with some classmates (and discuss money-making plans) and to extend my dissertation deadline.The mood is both shared by my peers and reflected onto my tutors. The course, I believe, could […]

Britain’s young workforce has been more or less abandoned by the Government at present. I don’t pretend to be an expert on the ins and outs of the Department of Business and Enterprises however it doesn’t take an expert to realise that the Job Centres are teeming with the bright, young unemployed for a reason. […]