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On Thursday I sat two Media Law resits in the space of 5 hours. I was the only person to resit both and my company were few. This said – I already know I am not the shiniest gavel in the box. Anyway, all sat down ready to go and the examinor, marker, course tutor […]

Currently having a  pre-lunchtime snack of a cereal bar and a little pot of tea for one. With blazing sunshine on this glorious Bank Holiday Monday watching the ducks swimming in one of those puddles that just won’t dry up, what could be more pleasant? Indeed, I’d be in an Englishman’s paradise if it weren’t […]

McNae-gate is drawing ever closer with just 6 days left on the clock. I endured my last (touch wood) ever shorthand exam unless I decide I want to push the boat out and go for 120wpm which I really don’t see happening. I can write Teeline shorthand perfectly well as long as there isn’t a […]

I wrote an A- Z of cycling in a previous blog about a year ago after reading Boris Johnson’s hilarious A-Z of cycling in the Times. I think its time some of the great industry of Journalism was quantified alphabetically. A – Alcohol. Self explanatory in these straitened times. B – By-lines, without one of […]

Its all coming crashing down about my ears – as things often do when I am left to plan my own life.  My best laid plans have aft gone astra’ in the past and the have once again. With no hope of a job, a mountain of coursework to climb and a a fairly leaky […]

Irony is a double paged feature in the newspaper that wouldn’t give you a job.  Satisfaction is where that feature is pretty well intact and unabridged – unfettered by the the busy keyboards of sub-editors. Bemusement is when that double page feature in all its typographical glory is supported by an utterly irrelevant picture. Student […]

I can see this as being a recurring theme in the next few weeks, today I had two job rejections  within mere minutes of one another.  Last week I endured a rather nerve-wracking job interview for an editorial position here in Salford (too good to be true by all accounts) sadly, as I actually wanted […]