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Mid-November is here and so Christmas is in full swing. There is no denying it now, and many of us have already sipped from the prohibited-till-advent Yuletide cup and enjoyed a contraband mince pie in greedy privacy. Mid-November is a good time to start thinking about Christmas because it is not so early that you […]

Contrary to my previous blog, work is looking up. The ice is breaking, however there are some ponds that simply won’t thaw. Take an instance this week. I sat down with one of the people who runs their days on matters consisting singularly on what customers can complain about. The task in hand was to […]

I suppose it would be quite an anticlimax if I didn’t mention how my first week of work went. After all, I did spend months whinging about being unemployed and so surely writing about being employed in the media is much more interesting? This last week has been one of the longest in my life […]