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Last Thursday I went to the Job Centre for the very last time. I was pleasantly surprised that I can keep claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance right up to the day before my new job starts. For everything I have said about the Job Centre regime, that’s a pretty decent little perk. After all, it is £50 […]

Following the popularity of my A-Z of Journalism written earlier this year, I have decided its about time to give it the appropriate sequel of an A-Z of Unemployment. A – Allowance. Or rather Jobseekers Allowance. The miserable fortnightly routine of queuing up to reel off the usual spiel about the futile job searches and […]

Radio Silence


I am guilty of neglecting my blog. Not, however, due to laziness. I am in fact in an uncomfortable and tedius limbo between occupations. No longer preoccupied by the student lifestyle and my journalism training (not to mention city living) I am now back home festering with everybody else in this small town. No job, […]