The Audio the Visual and the Digital


Learning more about self-shooting in school today… and editing which wasn’t quite as easy as pointing a camera and pressing “record”. No. Avid has it in for me as do most digital thingamybobs. The only pieces of technology I trust and depend on are my clock radio, my 5 year-old mobile phone, my iBook and my 1980s dictaphone.

A tip to those of you with Scottish parents. If you say “Daddy, can I have a dictaphone for Christmas?” He will get the ladder out the shed, go into the attic, find the box of Man Drawer contents of yesteryear including 1980s mobile telephone and television signal boosters and the black and white Apple Macintoshes, triumphantly fish out the retro dictaphone from 1986 and blow off the dust before wrapping it and putting it under the tree. Not even batteries the stingy git!

So while my classmates play around with their swishy MP3 adaptable machines I have the techy’s equivalent of a boom box to make recordings on. To be honest, I quite like it but it does take up a lot of purse space. 

So editing footage we shot last week and trying to make it look good was the order of the day before watching how the pros do it on the ITV Local website which was shambolic because none of our audio visual material seemed to work when the tutor attempted to summon the images from the small computer onto the projector screen.

In other news I have my shorthand exam tomorrow which will be hilarious I am sure.

On that note I am having an early one after some much needed tea, Twitter and a skim of the guardian website and of course!


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