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I suppose it would be quite an anticlimax if I didn’t mention how my first week of work went. After all, I did spend months whinging about being unemployed and so surely writing about being employed in the media is much more interesting? This last week has been one of the longest in my life […]

Radio Silence


I am guilty of neglecting my blog. Not, however, due to laziness. I am in fact in an uncomfortable and tedius limbo between occupations. No longer preoccupied by the student lifestyle and my journalism training (not to mention city living) I am now back home festering with everybody else in this small town. No job, […]

I am on my work experience week at the Manchester Evening News this week. Its easy to get to as its int he same place I did my TV work experience a few weeks ago. I was originally down to do a week of features at the MEN but that got cancelled and I managed […]