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Oh boy, the week before last saw me document my week at Channel M, now last week is the reason as to why I have been so heinously negligent of my dear Blog.    In other news, before I begin, my webcam has arrived but because of the crap student accommodation I currently call home […]

Can’t believe this week has come and gone so quickly! I recorded the voicer to go with the cathedral package but it was dropped before we finished editing it. We finished it and I have it for my NCTJ and course folios nevertheless and for future job applications which is the main thing… and I […]

Well hello. Its been a jam-packed three days and tomorrow will be my final curtain call at Channel M before my stint on the Breakfast show in the future… when in the future even I don’t know but ti has been promised. Anyway I’ve been out and about on a lot of “packages” and “minis” […]

Well I have been super busy since Friday because after a hectic newsday on Friday I whisked myself off to Wales to go hiking for the weekend only to return yesterday, exhausted for an early nights and a 6am reveille today for my first day of work experience in TELEVISION! First things first though – […]

So another day in the life of the trainee hack. The 60/70 shorthand exam came and went like so many fleeting passages about mundane Rutland Times-esque articles. I worked for the Rutland Times for a year and know exactly the sort of stuff they like to print. Hazel Blears when I met her at a […]

Learning more about self-shooting in school today… and editing which wasn’t quite as easy as pointing a camera and pressing “record”. No. Avid has it in for me as do most digital thingamybobs. The only pieces of technology I trust and depend on are my clock radio, my 5 year-old mobile phone, my iBook and […]

Greetings and the Teeline examination cometh in just two days. After a lengthy interview with Diane Modahl, the shamed and then redeemed athlete of the 1990s in the headlines for a false positive drug test and onetime reality TV star, I feel better prepared having outlined about 60% of the hour long miniature press-conference confidently […]