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It seems that journalists in my position are being punished by Job Centres for maximising their employability. With the scramble for University Clearing places almost at a bitter end, as many as 40,000 disappointed would-be students are going to join the masses of graduates and redundancy victims in the slow grind of job hunting -not […]

The latter half of last week proved to the world Twitter’s power regarding civillian debate. I am talking, of course, about the Hannan, NHS, Republican, Fox News controversy that has been sweeping the airwaves and broadband of the Atlantic. I tuned in to Channel 4 news every evening last week where the Tweets of Sarah […]

I am open to the obvious changes that journalism is undergoing, the Internet has revolutionised how we access our information after all. However, after hearing Twitter rumours about Rupert Murdoch charging readers to read online news sites, I brushed the idea aside thinking nothing of it but a scheme that would go no further than […]

As with most endeavors regarding further education, my Masters in Journalism is going to be finalised by a titanic arrangement of words to make me look clever. Unlike most degrees, a Journalism degree does not require months of academic muttering while thumbing through the pages of lengthy, esoteric tomes. That is why I love journalism, […]