What should a Lib Dem supporter wear?


You may have read Hadley Freeman’s article in response to a query about what is socially acceptable to wear to show your support as a Liberal Democrat supporter. In Hadley’s opinion there is little hope for we Lib Dems who wish to wear our party’s dazzling hues on election day however I beg to differ.

A tricky issue because yellow is a very difficult colour which can barely be carried off by blonde toddlers in the height of summer let alone sad politics geeks like us who are getting blu-tak stains all over our windows and using up our nail varnish remover to remove the ‘cock and ball’ motifs from our little posters of support.

But don’t you know that yellow can be worn with subtlety and panache?

I have some excellent and not at all outlandish suggestions for what a young female Lib Dem supporter can sport on election day. How ever you choose to dress, you will look more normal than somebody deciding to project their BNP or UKIP persuasions through fashion. The Union Jack three piece suit and the Swastika are not items that are incorporated into work-a-day dress. Democracy in general is a more wearable look.

So please find below some choice pieces to wear on election day (preferably all together however you will not be permitted to utter the words ‘subtle’ or ‘understated’ or indeed ‘apathetic’ until after the election).

We start with hosiery. Yellow hosiery is a very tricky look but I think I’ve selected a fine pair of tights that almost anybody can pull off with grace and understated elegance.

Yellow tights

These snazzy tights are available to Lib Dem supporters for £11.00. And for the rest of the general public they are available at the sum of £11.00. Great for that carefree, democratic park picnic you might be having on 6th May. Perhaps your friends and coworkers will think your liver’s finally given out and will knowingly mutter that the jaundice has set in after years of gin abuse.

Or they’ll think you’ve gone mental.

Or they’ll think you’re quirky and cool because you’re wearing yellow tights. But just you wait and see what I’ve coupled them with!

Anyway. Sock Shop for £11.00 for that skin-tight feeling of being a Liberal Democrat. Haha, is there any other kind?

These beauties I am very fond of but I think putting them in an all yellow ensemble makes them even better!

Kurt Geiger court shoes

Now for all intents and purposes this blog entry is meant to be a little tongue in cheek but I do honestly like these and would wear them everywhere.

The quintessentially Lib Dem court shoe with stiletto heel in a Democracy Yellow hue. What yellow blooded female could possibly resist? I think they’ll set off the yellow tights quite gently.

Now for the actual outfit. What better than a frock?

ASOS Yellow Dress

This dress makes one think of a wench churning butter on a warm April day with a daisy chain adorning her décolletage.

An office-friendly dress which will make heads turn.

Perfect for the Lib Dem girl who wants to be taken very seriously about her views.

Suggested that one is careful not to accessorize it too much or it might muddy your message.

Now for the icing on the cake!

Julien McDonald Fascinator

A graceful and elegant appointment to make to any outfit. A Chester Races style fascinator can be worn just as easily as an Alice band or a sowester in the office. All it takes is confidence.

Before you know it people will be taking your political considerations very seriously and will be listening to you with the utmost concentration, however, they may be hiding your scissors.

Some lovely items which I know I’ll be wearing all together on election day. Hadley Freeman, what are you talking about, yellow being a tricky colour? It’s a demonstrably wearable shade and not only looks chic and switched-on (like a lightbulb) but it is cheery and will bring a smile to the faces of your friends and colleagues.

But what about the men? Well. I think you’ll find that yellow suits are hard to come by… and who in their right mind would wear a yellow suit! Dick Tracey isn’t a proper example.

I think you’ll find I came to a rather elegant conclusion for the gentlemen.

Gent's Lib Dem Banana Costume

So there you have it. A very sensible Lib Dem election wardrobe for avid supporters.

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