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There is an air of desperation about the blinking-newborn days of this box-fresh decade. Is it just me or is the media a little (to use a Christmas cracker punchline) tense? I have a few ideas of my own hypothesising why this great funk has swept over the nation like so many cold fronts sweeping […]

I love karaoke, dislike talent shows. Does that make me a hypocrite? Whatever the answer, nothing will change the way I feel about the X Factor. I make a conscious effort to steer well clear of anything that falls under the TV guide Venn diagram categories of ‘talent show’, ‘celebrity talent show’ and anything vaguely […]

Mid-November is here and so Christmas is in full swing. There is no denying it now, and many of us have already sipped from the prohibited-till-advent Yuletide cup and enjoyed a contraband mince pie in greedy privacy. Mid-November is a good time to start thinking about Christmas because it is not so early that you […]