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The reformation of the Government which was promised to us in 1996 has, if nothing else, reversed and regressed back to the bad old days of pomp and hierarchy. The whole ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitude of The Commons stinks. There is no better word to encompass my feeling towards the last weeks of reluctant coughing […]

Question Time last night could have gone one of two ways. The first; it could have been a sedentary, measured debate resting only a third of it’s airtime on Griffin and the BNP and the rest playing out like any other edition of the show discussing pressing issues such as the Royal Mail strikes today. […]

The advent of social networking has exploded the traditional media field. The last week has demonstrated this fact beautifully, proving all the more pointedly that the popular voice can now shout louder than any headline. This has rung true in the case of Jan Moir’s misguided column on the speculated drama surrounding the death of […]

Last Thursday I went to the Job Centre for the very last time. I was pleasantly surprised that I can keep claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance right up to the day before my new job starts. For everything I have said about the Job Centre regime, that’s a pretty decent little perk. After all, it is £50 […]

Incredibly and after four months of futile searching, disappointment and destitution I have been offered a real job. Bzzzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz Fucking handbag, where’s my fucking phone? Hello? Hello, is that Rose? Speaking. Rose it’s **** calling from ****** ****. We met on Monday. Oh hi! Shiiiiit, I’m not emotionally prepared for rejection today. Rose, […]

I am back in my comfort zone. A lovely, white, ovular swivel chair with my lovely, white iBook on the desk in front of me, after a trying day. At least I made some money from it in Government subsidised travel expenses. 0900hrs at Stamford Job Centre for my 13 week review. I hate going […]

Who these days has the inclination to use their influence to change what ought to be changed? Barack Obama’s historic parade into power resounded with optimism and promises of change. The three political party conferences over the last month left the echoes of stirring keynote speeches orating notions of solidarity and fortitude ringing in our […]