The ring from the first rung


Incredibly and after four months of futile searching, disappointment and destitution I have been offered a real job.

Bzzzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz Fucking handbag, where’s my fucking phone? Hello?

Hello, is that Rose?


Rose it’s **** calling from ****** ****. We met on Monday.

Oh hi! Shiiiiit, I’m not emotionally prepared for rejection today.

Rose, how did you think you got on at Monday’s interview?

Uhmmm. Yes, I enjoyed it. That sounds lame. It was a challenge, hahaha. I was a bit nervous. Why are they asking me that? Did I get it? If not that is a mean question to ask. Hope I played it down enough so that a rejection isn’t too much to handle and if I got it it doesn’t sound like I am hysterical.

Well would you be interested in the position?

Yes, absolutely. Did I get it? Tell me NOW.

We have you down to start on the 2nd November, is that ok? And we’ll send your HR stuff on to you. We are really looking forward to working with you.

Oh my God, you’ve made my year! Veeeeering into hysterical, Rose. It’s a job, not the lotto jackpot for feck sake, woman!

That’s a bit dramatic. Shit, picking up on hysteria. Can’t let her know I’m mental before I’ve even been sent the contract, they need to find that out in their own time.

Err. What I mean is, I really really wanted this position, thank you so much. I’ve been unemployed for four months and I have the loan collectors practically climbing into my purse and this position means I can start my career!

Well I’m pleased to hear that. So we’ll see you on Monday the 2nd November. What did she just say? That sounded like important information but I was too busy listening to the sound of my own heartbeat thumping my rib cage. Better not ask her to repeat herself in case I sound mad.

Thank you so much, ****! Bye then.

Bye, Rose.

Hee hee!!!

There was other stuff too that she said but that was the general idea.

So now my blog will be changing tack somewhat, my gripes about the Job Centre are soon going to end and I can now write about what it is like working on the bottom rung of the journalism ladder.

If I can get a job in this crazy industry, anybody can. Trust me, I am not the shiniest penny in the piggybank. I am just a normal girl, from a normal family, with average GCSE results trying to make a career for herself and I’m really looking forward to telling you about how it all starts.

2 Responses to “The ring from the first rung”

  1. Congratulations Rose. It’ so nice to hear some goods news. Well done on the job. I hope it’s everything you wished for and more. You go girl!!

  2. 2 Michael

    wicked. well deserved.

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