About Media Impostor

Thank you for taking an interest in my blog. Every hit means so much to me and I read every comment, good or bad.

I’m Rose and I’m a journalist. I currently work as a travel writer/ editor for a well known travel company and I dabble in a bit of local politics. Not quite sure what life’s got in store for me but I hope it’s exciting.

Rose & Cat

Please go to my website www.rosebrooke.co.uk for more information about me and where I sprouted from.

Otherwise, if you are currently studying or clawing away at journalism or anything of that nature then I feel your pain, that is why I set up this blog. I hope that it makes you smile at least if it doesn’t offer you any useful information. I’m clinging on to the first rung for dear life but I love every second of it and I worked hard to get here.

Keep writing to me and please follow me on Twitter as Rosebiscuit.

3 Responses to “About Media Impostor”

  1. 1 Stammer

    Rose, a word of wisdom from one who knows.
    Your command of language is excellent. You have an ability to paint excellent word pictures. But this is the sentence that worries me:
    ” I have never in my life wanted to do anything other than write or hear the sound of my own voice….”; you are doing both already. What you have got to be passionate about is is discovery and conveying what you have discovered to others. Otherwise you might as well be in a hall of mirrors.

  2. 2 boxndice1759

    Rose saw one of your posts replied with contact details look at the following links to see what is around the corner..



  3. 3 Nico

    All the best. Hope it works out.

    I do quite a bit of work for magazines in this area so get in touch if you want contacts.

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