New Years Job Solutions


Day 79 of being officially unemployed and I am now utterly convinced that my career will advance no further than this wretched stasis before Christmas.

Therefore, taking the notion of advancement on board rather than that of day time television, I am compiling some preemptive New Years Resolutions with regards to my success in the jobs market.

Holly New Years Job Solutions

  1. If I haven’t got a sniff of a career job by Spring 2010 then I will use the rest of my savings and my inheritance ISA to do a Cordon Bleu course to give me an edge in the food writing jobs market. I have given this a lot of thought and consideration and I am loathed to spend more money on training at this stage however when it comes to the thousands of supermarket mags, food programs, cook book publishers and other opportunities  – I need an edge, man.
  2. I am going to get online (really soon actually) so I can get Thoughts of a Media Impostor a larger audience and perhaps gain a vital contact or two through publicity.
  3. I will continue to persistently write to my local publications, radio stations and TV stations telling them their organisations need me. I will continue to do this to the point of a court order against me.
  4. I will continue to spend a lot of postage on futile applications in response to adverts on the Hold the Frontpage and Guardian websites… lightning could strike…
  5. …I could win the lottery too of course and start my own paper which would make everything a lot easier and I could provide jobs for some poor out-of-work journos and editorial staff but as that is such an unlikely series of events I am only including it as a musing in my cunning plan.
  6. Enough of that nonsense. I will remain dogged and steadfast in my endeavours and not succumb to the sinking-ship pull of the dull/ easy/ dead-end life I am determined not to be sucked into.
  7. I will continue to apply for uber competitive media jobs even after all of my peers have given up.

Wish me luck!


One Response to “New Years Job Solutions”

  1. 1 Julia

    Good luck with it all. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    I think blogging & establishing your online profile more and more is a good way to go – read & comment on other blogs and they’ll link back to you… But you know all this. I’m discovering the blog world more and more and am amazed at some of the rubbish out there that gets a lot of attention. You’ve actually got something to say and you can say it well so I’ve no doubt you’ll get your dream job sooner rather than later.


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