The Wolves at the Door


I am now into Week 11 of being unemployed. Now there’s a depressing thought.

I went back up to Salford on Monday to catch up with some classmates (and discuss money-making plans) and to extend my dissertation deadline.The mood is both shared by my peers and reflected onto my tutors.

The course, I believe, could not have set me up better for a career in journalism and with just over a dozen pupils in the class we developed strong friendships, drinking buddies for life (save for those who don’t drink). However, this year owing to the lack of university places or the lack of jobs in the outside world, the number of offers given has become the number of students on the course as they are either lacking other offers or are aware that the best way to spend 2009/2010 is in training.

I am finding the issue of work even more frustrating than ever at present. Every fortnight I return to the Job Centre and they look utterly unconvinced that I am actually on job application #71 and I haven’t had so much as a sniff of an interview let alone an offer of employment. That much was repeated both last week and yesterday.

Last week I attended an interview for the position of receptionist at a local surgery. The very nice lady who was talking me through my CV seemed unconvinced of my longevity. I can’t make any bones with her about that.

Won’t you be bored answering phones and entering data into the computer all day?

No! Not at all. Yes.

I mean, your CV is very unusual. I don’t normally see CVs like yours, is there nothing a bit more relevant you would rather be doing?

No! I mean, there is little hope of me getting a media job at present so I want to use my customer service and IT skills in a position like this in the mean time. SHIT! I said ‘in the mean time’.

In the mean time?

Yes. Err. Bollocks.

Similarly, last week at the Job Centre, where for obvious reasons I am a very popular character, I sat across from the gentleman and he hands me a photocopied flier for the local college.

This will help. They have an office on the high street. Why not go and have a chat about retraining or getting new skills?

Oh, yes I know they have an office. Thanks for that. Err, no thanks, I have just spend £3,300 on my post graduate degree you chump!

Just pop in after this and you can tell them what it is you want to do and they can help you.

Thanks, I’ll do that. NO! I don’t need fucking classes in data entry, MS Office, payroll or anything else! Why? FIRSTLY I can already do all of that bollocks and SECONDLY I’m a freaking trained JOURNALIST and how is a poncey NVQ in Sage going to help me get a job at a paper?

Just go in and have a chat with them. Oh and how did you find the Return to Work session last Saturday?

Yes, very informative. Half an hour of waiting outside the Job Centre with a dozen unemployed idiots like a Parade of the Impoverished then being told how to use the internet to find jobs, yes, two hours of my life I will never get back.

Or take scenario three, yesterday’s interview at a housing association for the position of Tenant Liaison Officer, some bright spark at the agency thought this would be a good match for me obviously.

Right, Miss Brooke. Well all of this looks great. Just one last question, how long have you had your present vehicle for?

What? I don’t have a car. I have a driving license but I haven’t been able to afford a car for over a year.

Oh… I wish the agency had told us that.

What do you mean? They know I don’t have a car.

Well the position requires a car.

Maybe in a few months I could afford one. right now I can’t even afford to go on my parents’ insurance. I am that poor. Haha.

Ok well, all I can say is best of luck.

We all shake hands, I am told to buggar off. I call agency with misgivings about my wasted afternoon and request travel expenses, agency blames office, office blames agency, I’m the lemon with even less money than yesterday and no job.

The wolves are getting ever closer to the door and I have nothing to stave them off with. With no money to my name and even the jobs I am over-qualified for turning me away, I am royally screwed.

One can’t help but become a little disenchanted with the world when the bank will start charging me for my Career Development Loan next week. This is  the loan I took out to pay for my tuition fees along with 80% of each month’s salary from my last job which was carefully stowed away in a Post Office account to pay for rent and food. I can’t even bear to look at my bank statements any longer and my savings are at rock bottom and gathering such little interest that if it goes any lower they’ll be taking money away!

Lets hope I will have better luck before Christmas comes around.


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