Nick Clegg remembers unemployed graduates in speech


A quote from Nick Clegg’s speech at the Liberal Democrat party conference today.

“Can you imagine reaching thousands of pounds in debt only to find that there isn’t a job available at the end of university or college? Imagine sitting at home, no money, nothing to do but  wait for your fortnightly appointment at the Job Centre?

There can be no more disappointment at this point in your life so I want to say to young people, ‘I am sorry.’ I am sorry that you have been already let down so many times. I am sorry that you will spend your working lives with the debts of the previous generation.

My commitment to the next generation will be this, that the Liberal Democrats will not let you down.

So today we make a promise to young people that they will not be unemployed for more than 90 days. We will use the money to invest in futures. We would pay for 10,000 more university places and we would introduce a new intern system. We could pay for 800,000 placements for the cost of just one weekend’s VAT cut.”


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