Radio Silence


I am guilty of neglecting my blog. Not, however, due to laziness. I am in fact in an uncomfortable and tedius limbo between occupations. No longer preoccupied by the student lifestyle and my journalism training (not to mention city living) I am now back home festering with everybody else in this small town. No job, no money, no invitations to come to interview.

I have signed on and I have been offered work by people I know with various projects to work as a sort of freelance Press Officer which is something. There was always the option to pimp myself out to local publications for no money on work experience. I did that two weeks ago at The Rutland and Stamford Mercury when I decided I will do no more work experience in 2009. Why?

a) It is expensive getting to and from work experience when you have no money. My train fare for the week amounted to £30… unfortunately living in a small town you have no choice in the matter.

and b) I was sharing tasks with a 15 year old who has just done her GCSEs.

Don’t think I am shirking my basic rite of passage as a sub-trainee journalist to work for lots of places for weeks and weeks for no money. This year alone as well as doing another week at my local, I have worked for two months in a prison and two weeks at the Guardian Media Group offices in Manchester at Channel M and the Manchester Evening News. That on top of a year of unpaid work for The Rutland Times and two years of editing The Oakhamian Magazine, I feel in my heart its time I go paid for this shit. Pardon my French.

So I am working on my Masters dissertation in the interim, and scouring the Guardian, Hold the Front Page and Press Gazette for proper jobs while trying to avoid jobs I really thought I had risen above by now which the Job Centre keeps thrusting in my mouth to keep me from using my Masters as a valid excuse not to work from 8am till 6pm in a packing factory. The £57 per week is much appreciated because it keeps the wolves from the door where bank charges are concerned however I have a loan which needs to start being paid off come October.

I have applied to every traineeship going on Hold the Front Page. Not to mention every reporter position. I have only had one reply and that was to a job that I got rather excited about (which I do with most of these jobs) and the reply said that due to recieving over 130 applications not everybody could have been considered.

130! I don’t stand a chance. Yes its better odds than the lottery but I need to do something to make myself stand out more.

So, I am going to take my Broadcast tutor, Emma Worthington’s advice and write to places TELLING them why they need to have me work for them. More likely to be turned down in a brutal and scoffing manner however more likely that my CV (which is one half work experience) will in fact be read.

Never one to sit on my hands, I am going to spend today researching places I need to write to and will be sending off copies of my CV and a swish cover letter offering two weeks of free trial if they aren’t sure that they need me. Risky but if I wanted a safe career I would have chosen…. actually in the current climate there are no safe careers are there? TEACHING, there.


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