Media Law: the Jury’s Out


On Thursday I sat two Media Law resits in the space of 5 hours. I was the only person to resit both and my company were few.

This said – I already know I am not the shiniest gavel in the box.

Anyway, all sat down ready to go and the examinor, marker, course tutor and notable journalist and NUJ boardmember who is invigilating the exam laughs when I point out that I am resitting both. Excellent.

Question 1 – what is a hostile witness and what does this mean in proceedings? Shit.

I won’t go through each question as this blog would be a past paper rather than a diary entry but I suppose you get the gist.

Law 1 is court reporting so revision (3 solid weeks of it) was mostly taken up with the Magistrates Court Act, contempt of court, defamation, sexual offences and juveniles etc, not theins and outs of the McNae’s glossary.

So on to Law 2, general reporting including the likes of the Naomi Campbell Narcotics Anonymous case and Romeo from So Solid Crew not being granted a banning order. A chance to redeem myself! Not a sausage.

So be honest, Law 2 felt like 3 weeks of solid revision in between shorthand exams and Quark layout coursework and occasional sleep and mealtimes didn’t even happen!

I have a fair idea that Law 1 was a pass however Law 2 is a certain fail and thats not a faux pesimistic whine that girls utter after their GCSE mocks, thats utter sincerity. I blew it.

Correction – I didn’t blow it, the exam was too obscure and I’m a busy woman and don’t have enough time for this legal pedantry!

Anyway, as so very few resat this exam (I won’t even utter how few as it makes me look utterly stupid) the results will be emailed to us this week however I reckon they could have been marked in the time it takes to watch an episode of Flog It witha bit of discipline. So we shall find out if I did indeed pass Law 1 or if I failed that as well.

Its times like this when I go to bed with the mantra “I love journalim, I want to be a journalist, I love journalism I want to be a journalist….”

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