The Best Laid Plans


Its all coming crashing down about my ears – as things often do when I am left to plan my own life. 

My best laid plans have aft gone astra’ in the past and the have once again. With no hope of a job, a mountain of coursework to climb and a a fairly leaky savings account supporting a very hungry bank account (to the point that it has started to eat itself), I am forced to think up a new life plan which will allow me to eat, sleep and not cry every day.

Yes, the answer can only be, to move back in with my parents. I never thought this time last year I would be returning to the Midlands so quickly after escaping its beige and pansy-bedded clutches. 

With my kicking-out date fast approaching and with all signs of job opportunities disappearing before my very eyes I have decided to be very dull and take the beaten track that I know does not lead to destitution and self-pity.

The new plan is as follows: 

  1. Complete journalism training without pulling any hair out about having to pay rent on a property I can’t afford after my savings have run out (all while running out of money entirely in the process)
  2. Move back in with M & D
  3. Get a job that pays over £15k so I can pay off my debts and start saving.
  4. Freelance for no money to anybody that will have me.
  5. Find a job in Manchester.
  6. Make enough money to move to Manchester or locality and have a happy ending involving a regular income thus regular top up of Percy Pigs and Soave.

It may not be the ending I wanted for this particular chapter of my life but needs must. when the devil vomits in your kettle (to paraphrase a great man).

Sadly in journalism one has to accept that things may not work out the way you wanted them to, be it a profile that falls through or an editor that doesn’t publish your material. The most common theme that I see in this industry is the scrabbling for employment. Look at the poor sods at the MEN or at Channel M, all clinging on to their jobs after seeing colleagues and friends fall catastrophically into this torrent of depression.

I should count myself lucky that I have a family I can live with and I have had the opportunity to train in an industry I am very passionate about.After feeling a bit sad this weekend about the prospect of leaving Manchester for a while I don’t think I’ll be gone too long. In any case, MediaCity has my name all over it.

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