If this goes on I’m going to get fat


I can see this as being a recurring theme in the next few weeks, today I had two job rejections  within mere minutes of one another. 

Last week I endured a rather nerve-wracking job interview for an editorial position here in Salford (too good to be true by all accounts) sadly, as I actually wanted the job my nerves got the better of me and I fluffed it, nevertheless,  I am sure the right candidate got the job but in the meanwhile I had been applying for other jobs knowing well in my mind that I was hardly going to get the right job at the first attempt. 

Anyway, the perfect (there are a few of these although all hopelessly unattainable) position arose on the Guardian jobs webpage for the Imperial War Museum North needing a PR/ Press officer for a fixed term contract of 4 months or something. BINGO. So I send the app off to them asking why the position is not advertised on the Imperial War Museum website and it apparently expired a week ago! Damn Guardian tardiness. 

I have been applying for jobs since March but to no avail and with my 3 week placement at Channel M down the pan due to budget cuts and mass redundancies and severance I might have to broaden my search to places I never wanted to go. Not location-wise. Job title wise. Whatever happens I know that my job prospects are rosier here in the NW than in Leicestershire and with MediaCity rolling up soon I want to get my name on their directory of Personnel ASAP. 

So this theme, I fear will continue for a few months but as my comfort eating habits worsen I hope that obesity is under their equal opps  list of relevant disabilities.


2 Responses to “If this goes on I’m going to get fat”

  1. Hi Rose.

    How about an article for SalfordOnline on the difficulty of getting a media job?

    If you want to get in touch, my details are below.


    Tom Rodgers
    News Ed

    email: tom@salfordonline.com
    office: 0161 789 5377
    mobile: 07966 921194

  2. 2 Stammer

    Make sure SalfordOnline agrees to pay you for anything you write.

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