Hail to the Cameraman


Can’t believe this week has come and gone so quickly!

I recorded the voicer to go with the cathedral package but it was dropped before we finished editing it. We finished it and I have it for my NCTJ and course folios nevertheless and for future job applications which is the main thing… and I can say I did most of the editing myself which is in fact a big fat lie because the fabulous techy did it all.

Also sat in on the gallery goings-on at the studio itself for the 5pm news with Andy “Broom Cupboard” Crane. I knew he had one of those voices I recognised. And his face is very childrens’ TV. What a cool guy.

Went up to the actual studio and sat quietly with my new French friend Yanni who is a journo from Paris! Practiced my very bad French on him… looks like my dream of working on Le Figaro are well and truly scuppered. 

So now I am downloading Adobe Creative Suite 3 thanks to my good friend, Chris who scammed me a bootleg version of it. Actually I just had to take a minute and shift the download to my external hard drive because I think my little 5-year-old iMac would melt from such a meaty application. She’s still going strong, though, my little Pomme. 

I am very excited also, as my technical prowess continues to astound even myself as I have just perused the Amazon for my own Webcam! I am hoping to use it to communicate and to record myself and start a Vlog. At least until I can afford a video camera set up and do proper vlogging.

The plan is to broadcast and to edit to add spice to my webpage and to increase my own talking-to-camera and editing skills. Gawd knows I need all the help I can get and the camerama who I did the cathedral package with, Richard, says a journo who can VJ (video journalism) is a valuable asset to a newsroom. 

Seriously, this week has taught me to have the utmost respect for cameramen. The RUN the tv studio, without them nothing would happen at all. They drive the jeeps, film the footage, choose how it looks, edit the stuff and even help stiff first-timers like me out when being very wooden and camera-frightened. They could do a journalist’s job in their sleep some of them. They know the trade so well and know exactly what to capture. Stuff that we just wouldn’t think about and totally take for granted. Nobody thinks about GVs or fades or how things overlap… they do. Cameramen are the most creative, dynamic, funny and honest creatures you will come across in this industry so love and respect them, man!


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