Channel M, cameramen and babies!


Well hello. Its been a jam-packed three days and tomorrow will be my final curtain call at Channel M before my stint on the Breakfast show in the future… when in the future even I don’t know but ti has been promised.

Anyway I’ve been out and about on a lot of “packages” and “minis” so basically what you see on the News when the anchor says “And now over to Kevin Duffy who is currently outside The Christie in Manchester”. 

Its been fun. I have decided that I am certainly in the right industry. I hate being in the office… probably only because this week there is a terrible atmosphere as the Manchester Evening News and Channel M (who both work together in open plan offices) are having to make massive job-cuts due to the recession and so the gallows humour has been coming thick and fast about nobody daring to take a long weekend incase their desk has been emptied for them by the time they get back.

So apart from the rubbish atmos in the newsroom I even managed to get a lovely smile (and a first name in context) from the scary boss man. Still unsure of his general jurisdiction and if he is as scary as he looks but he looks busy and authoritative so I daren’t sit on his knee and ask to be shown how to use Final Cut Pro while helping myself to his biscuits and dropping crumbs on him. Not that I would ever do that to anybody besides my boyfriend but you get the idea.

So today I filmed my first package at Manchester Cathedral. I was not included in the shoot sadly, I was merely the Quiz Master and general irritating busy-body getting in the way of the serious proceedings but I thought I did ok for a first-timer. It was a package based on lead thefts at Manchester Cathedral and I interviewed a few chaps about the scheme including the Dean who was a very genial gentleman indeed. 

Sadly my belief that I have been having a very savvy day has been scuppered by the fact that a hole the size of The Isle of Wight in the back of my black tights was pointed out to me to my horror towards the end of the day. I hope I didn’t have it whilst in the Cathedral… 

Nevertheless, I shaved my legs last night so going bare legged would only have been a problem if my mother were there who would pull me out by the ear to buy some shitty Pretty Polly’s because women who don’t wear tights are tarts to her. 

So other than that its been a real blast at the TV station and I would recommend it to anybody wanting to eek their way into the industry because you get to talk to all the people behind the scenes like the cameramen (all of whom are awesome and lovely and have big strong arms), also the busy studio but non-journalism people that run the show as well as the general porters and admin staff and those who ensure the machine remains a well oiled one. And sadly a lot of whom appear to be getting  the chop!

The best people to chat to are the cameramen. They know the score and they are some of the most creative and vital people I have met in this industry thusfar. None have any pretensions unlike some of the journalists. They all suit being outdoors and all of them are funny, warm and generally fun and happy to chat to you. There are so many journalists who are adamant not to get too conversant with you because you are but a lowly work experience child. Not the cameramen. I think they are all fab and I would be privileged to work with any one of them in the future.

One of the cameramen today was talking about his baby daughter and how in the industry it is a rare thing to marry and have a family. The only people he could think of with children you could count on one hand… and they are all men. None of the women have children. Some are married but none have children.

This bothered me. I haven’t got any plans to marry and have babies yet. I’m only 22! But it’d be nice in 10 years time to have the option! My mother was 32 when she had me and has remained a firm senior female in her career but she always told me how surprised people were to learn she had children. If my mother can do it so can I.

So, last day tomorrow. I hope its a good one!


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