Reporting the courts and day 1 at Channel M!


Well I have been super busy since Friday because after a hectic newsday on Friday I whisked myself off to Wales to go hiking for the weekend only to return yesterday, exhausted for an early nights and a 6am reveille today for my first day of work experience in TELEVISION!

First things first though – I passed my Newswriting NCTJ which is great but I only squeaked by which is rubbish.

So Friday I was reporting the magistrates court in Manchester in my clippity cloppityest stilettos. Went in early deliberately to do a scan of what was going down in the old court before Stan Miller, the press office grande fromage took me to Court 6 to sit in on domestic violence cases. I sat in on 6 cases sitting as the lone reporter next to the probation chappy. I took down good shorthand but was missign essential info as people either spoke ridiculously quickly or were interrupted. However all my extra information I gathered from the Magistrates Clerk and the Prosecution who where very helpful.

So scampered back to Adelphi for my 2pm deadline which I met with great dexterity and suffered the comments that my classmates gave me for wearing stilettos and smart clothes as opposed to my usual baggy jumper and ancient jeans.

2 of my articles have gone on  the website and 2 out of 6 sure ain’t bad!

So today was day 1 of Channel M work experience. I made a good impression right away by being half an hour early!

Got sent out with Kevin Duffy (legend) and Matt the cameraman in a Channel M jeep to Victoria Station to shoot a story about a proposed high speed line between Manchester and Leeds. Nobody wanted to talk to us and we were losing all hope when an older couple turned round when we asked them about their journey and they turned out to be Brit acting legendary couple Timothy West and Prunella Scales (as in BASIL!).

How cool?

So after grilling them we shot extensive takes of Kev who was rather theatrical in his delivery but on film it looked right so I know now to just embrace the inner thesp when delivering speech to camera.

This took about 3 hours in the freezing cold so tomorrow I’ll remember cloves and maybe some kind of hat… the hair thing was an issue.

The we came back to the studio on Deansgate and edited the footage on Final Cut Pro and watched the lunchtime news broadcast live from the news studio. Had I leaned back in my chair you would have seen me on screen but I didn’t dare be the girl whose chair falls backwards on a live feed…

The Channel M offices are lush. They are so comfortable and I will have to thank Kevin for buying me a nice cup of tea from the little coffee/scran shop. I sat around for a bit waiting to be given a job but really watching the place work. It has such a pulse and it made me want to be a part of that synergy so badly!

So in the afternoon I went out with cameraman Matt in the jeep to Didsbury to shoot GVs for a piece about a policeman who tragically had been run over outside a pub. After shooting that and the travel and general errand running between the offices and the studios based in the Urbis we came back and I shadowed a lovely lady who showed me around the Final Cut Pro outfit.

Then I clocked off at around 4:45! Good times!

Will update tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Reporting the courts and day 1 at Channel M!”

  1. 1 kate

    Didn’t realise they used Final Cut Pro at Channel M, Rose. Hope it’s all going well for you and Hannah this week!


  2. 2 Stammer

    I heard they bunch of crazees

  3. 3 Watcher

    Hope someone took pics on their mobile and phoned the local paper.

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